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On the occasion of the Light Middle East Awards 2015, Nouran Concept Lighting was awarded the prestigious "Innovative Lighting Project of the Year” prize with reference to the installation at the Prime Tower of Dubai. Involving 8 project categories - interior and exterior Innovative, Hospitality, Public and Sustainable Lighting - the Light Middle East Awards celebrate and recognize the most innovative and forward-looking lighting projects finalized in the Middle East area in a time span of 12 months. During the final award ceremony, which took place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center on October, 8h 2015, the award reserved to projects with a unique and original lighting concept, based on an excellent aesthetic design and the usage of ground breaking hi-tech products, was handed over to the proud representatives of Nouran Concept Lighting.
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Located in the very heart of Dubai’s Business Bay, the new business capital of the region, the Prime Tower benefits from a truly strategic location enjoying an amazing 360° view over the canal and the Burj Khalifa - the world’s tallest building - as well as over the bustling Sheikh Zayed and Al Khail roads. A perfect combination of modern facilities, beautiful surroundings and elegant architecture, the Prime Tower comprises 36 well-planned and roomy floors, hosting office spaces, a health club and a cafeteria besides numerous retail establishments. Additionally, the tower is fitted with six parking levels, an outdoor swimming pool, a four floor atrium, elegantly designed lobbies and plush reception areas. A top quality destination for both work and leisure, the Prime Tower offers from each and every window picturesque cityscape views through fully glazed transparent façades.

In charge with the lighting scheme of this refined structure, Nouran Concept Lighting decided to approach the building illumination regarding the tower as a blank canvas, where light should be used to amaze, and most important thing, to set the building apart from the surrounding towers, while delivering a totally new significance by night. The tower was seen as a continuation of the sky, more specifically as a reflection of the stars on to its glazing surface as a sort of modern starry path recalling the luminous skies which used to guide sailors and Bedouins in past times.

The random arrangement of the star constellations contrasts beautifully with the rigorous structure of the glazing, unveiling an unexpectedly glamorous effect. The gradually increasing concentration of bright dots stresses the curvature of the tower outer shell, while visually stretching it towards the sky. The three colors chosen to reflect the stars (white, turquoise and blue) deliver depth, texture and brilliance to the glass surface, while conveying a sparkling mood to the whole structure.
The global effect could be easily reached through the usage of a total of 353 units of GRIVEN’s Graph-i-Spot 120, a super compact single RGB full-color, white or monochrome LED unit fitted with a dome shaped 180° opaline diffuser that offers a sharp image rendition and an optimal peripheral visibility. For this installation, Graph-i-Spot 120 has been chosen in a monochromatic configuration based on cold white, blue and cyan tones, which should deliver the idea of chasing stars reaching up to the sky. The units have been fixed to the glazing structure of the tower with the help of an adjustable mounting yoke allowing a steady positioning.

Graph-i-Spot 120 is a fully weatherized IP65 powerful fixture that can be easily assembled with other units of its kind in any shape to build an LED screen on almost all surfaces. Available in RGB full-color, warm or cold white light and monochromatic configuration, Graph-i-Spot 120 can easily blend in any sort of indoor or outdoor environment and can be integrated with the existing architecture or stage back drop while shaping a brand new outstanding ambience. Graph-i-Spot 120 can accept any graphic, video or still image coming from a DVI media server or DMX 512 signal and the configuration system can then store and trigger the show to a striking visual effect. Professional lighting designers worldwide have identified Graph-i-Spot 120 as an amazing artistic medium for their eye-catching display where light, color and image converge to create the extraordinary.

Once again, Nouran Concept Lighting has proved to be at the forefront of lighting design and innovation in the Middle East region and we are glad they have chosen GRIVEN products to achieve this prestigious award.
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