Private building, Baku

Born of a fusion of Eastern style and Western design, the Azeri architectural features are so deeply embedded in the Azerbaijan culture that, even nowadays, they are carefully reproduced in new palaces and buildings, which maintain the charm of an old cultural and architectural tradition even in the two million people metropolitan area of Baku. Among the many institutional buildings and residential complexes recently erected in the capital city and inspired by this multicultural architectural style, GRIVEN has been charged with the façade lighting of the Post building. GRIVEN’s lighting designers had the main task of reproducing, on the façade of this modern but ancient-looking palace, Baku’s most beloved illumination style, an artistic kind of "light brushstroke” that enhances with skilled touches of light and color the most peculiar architectural features of the building.
To do so, many different GRIVEN LED lighting fixtures, such as Parade D-W, Parade D-RGB, Dawn MK2 W, Dawn MK2 RGBW, Micro-Clip MK2 W, Micro-Clip MK2 RGB and Zaphir RGBW, have been installed on the building.
A geometrical, recurring lighting scheme based exclusively on warm white shades has been chosen for the whole façade excluding just the central main entrance and the lateral domes fitted with a contrasting color changing concept. The six groups of single and double windows set on both sides of the central part feature a composition made up of one, two and three units of Parade D-W-9 installed below each row of windows, forming a triangle of light that runs all along the façade. The twelve columns that frame each group of four windows have been enlightened by groups of Dawn MK2 W with spot optics and Micro-Clip MK2 W with medium optics. The arcades of the ground floor are vertically lit by sets of Dawn MK2 W (pointing downwards), Micro-Clip MK2 W (pointing upwards), both with narrow optics, and horizontally by 12 Parade D-W-12. The upper part of the façade is completed by 38 Parade D-W-9. To counterbalance this "all-white” effect, color changers have been installed on the three domes: Dawn MK2 RGBW with narrow, medium and wide optics along with Zaphir RGBW luminaires have been chosen for the upper parts of the domes, while batteries of Parade D-RGB-10 complete the central part of the façade. The overall effect is a perfect blend of architecture and light, of white and color.
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Gaffney, SC 29341
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