Riverside Precinct, Rockhampton

The Rockhampton Riverside Precinct, a world-class waterfront area on the shores of Queensland’s Fitzroy River, has recently undergone a $36 million redevelopment, resulting in creating an award-winning public realm, an interactive urban space for both locals and tourists to enjoy. It extends 600 metres along the Fitzroy River encompassing 3.3 hectares, which include the upper and lower bank parkland and portions of Quay and Denham streets. Flanked by historic heritage buildings of national significance, the riverfront is the most important of Rockhampton’s public open space assets.
Lighting design
Griven authorized dealer for Australia: ULA Group

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Project partner
ULA Group
Within this multi-million dollar redevelopment plan (jointly-funded by local Council, State and Federal Governments), ULA Group, GRIVEN’s exclusive distributor for Australia, was entrusted with the architectural and feature lighting for the heritage listed houses in the iconic Quay and Denham streets and surroundings. The ULA Group worked closely with Brisbane based Rixon Design to specify, install, program and commission a new sophisticated architectural lighting system for the precinct.

After conducting several on site tests to ensure the most suitable technology was selected for this project, 21 Griven Powershine MK2 D RGBW flood lights were chosen to provide the best illumination and coverage of the building façades. Featuring 96 powerful RGBW LEDs, the Griven Powershine MK2 D fixtures deliver an astonishing white light output quality and a wide variety of intermediate color hues, offering the maximum lighting design flexibility.
All the fixtures are linked together by the sophisticated Pharos Control system, a centralized management platform with the ability to create dynamic color schemes and patterns just with few button touches via the live webpage or fixed touch panel.

The local Council has already seen the benefits of the redevelopment of the precinct when it comes to hosting new events for the community, giving them an incredible outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year round. This major redevelopment is also expected to increase tourism within the region.

"Rockhampton started as a port city on the Fitzroy River and the riverfront has now been reimagined, renewed and re-ignited to once again reflect the city's central hub and a wellspring for our vibrant future ahead," stated Mayor Margaret Strelow during the official opening of the precinct.
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