Skovly Vest, Jessheim

Since the establishment of Gardermoen as main Norwegian airport, the city of Jessheim has been reporting a continuous population growth of about 1000 inhabitants a year, which makes it one of the fastest growing cities in Norway.

Owing to this rapid and continuous growing rate, the city municipality has recently conceived a medium-term urban development plan in order to consolidate Jessheim as a modern, welcoming city area through a comprehensive construction project capable of offering a broader and better offer in trade and culture, as well as in hospitality and "well-living”.
Lighting design
Ole Martin Nistad, SML Lighting
Representing a true enrichment for Jessheim, the construction plan of Skovly Vest district encompasses a wide range of services, whose final completion is foreseen in about two years. Transforming the city center geography, the completed parts of Skovly Vest have created housing, commercial and cultural services and infrastructures, which have already become one of the country's most modern architectural expression.

The new district of Skovly Vest consists of a total of 62,000 square meters, divided among modern apartments located on the roof-top floor, shopping facilities, business premises and offices, as well as about 850 internal parking spaces. Shopping and dining venues face the city's new pedestrian street, Skovly Promenade, and a bridged walkway between Skovly Vest and the existing Jessheim Storsenter allows a faster transfer system. Expected to be completed in 2019, step two of the project will include a multiplex, and other cultural facilities, while step three foresees, for the end of 2020, a 16-storey downtown hotel, as well as further apartments.

In conjunction with this future-oriented way of thinking about housing development and urban spaces arrangement, a relevant part of the Skovly Vest centre has been recently provided with a dedicated LED lighting system, capable of enhancing its features through a sustainable and ground breaking equipment.
An original design was conceived for the main entry of the Skovly Senter and it was finalized with the help of a perforated metal panel positioned at a short distance from the main wall. A tree forest pattern is clearly visible at night when the LED lighting system installed enhances the relief parts of the wall with an eye-catching game of light and shadow. The trees silhouettes stand out enlightened by an array of more than 80 units of PARADE X-RGBW-48 linear modules, positioned in lines of three each on the upper borders of the building and at the base of the link wall.

The layout of the wall, the relevant lighting design and the required lighting solutions were successfully developed and selected by the Norwegian company in charge of the project, SML Lighting based in Grȧlum after a successful mock up with 4 units, whose result convinced the authorities. Recalling a natural shade, green is the preferred color for this installation, but, as the fixtures are in RGBW color configuration, they can always be easily switched to a different fixed tone or dynamic rainbow chase in case of need.

Ole Martin Nistad, as light planner of SML Lighting, asserts: ”After comprehensive planning and experimenting with distance between the walls, and between the luminaires, we found a perfect solution that really brought the wall to life".

PARADE X-RGBW-48 is the leading edge high luminance flagship of the linear LED modules by GRIVEN. Superb output with real uniform color coverage even on close-up installations, especially on formerly prohibitive large-scale architectural elements, and the newly conceived optics groups provide for truly powerful grazing lighting enhancement. The combination of the 48 RGBW LEDs featured and the photometric distribution efficiency offers an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate color hues for an even broader range of application purposes. PARADE X-RGBW-48 newly designed stylish profile is complemented by the on board control panel that offers instant and complete access over all digital functions.
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