State University, Novosibirsk

Located in the very heart of the world-famous research center of Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk State University was rated among the best Russian Universities for scientific research in 2014. NSU is a modern university with a quick and dynamic growth rate, awarded with the status of National Research University and ranked among the winners of innovative educational programs within the framework of national projects. Its students are actively engaged from early courses in scientific research developed in 70 research laboratories, equipped with the latest technologies, and In 48 research institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of sciences.
Lighting concept, design and installation
Perspektiva Sveta, Novosibirsk.
On the occasion of the enlargement of the university center through the construction of a tower building of about 40 m height, a larger architectural lighting project has been recently finalized at NSU, involving the educational and administration buildings of the complex as well as the newly built entrance tower building. Developed by the Russian company based in Novosibirsk Perspektiva Sveta, the lighting project for NSU took into account the architectural features of the new entrance and of the main buildings, without forgetting the functional and aesthetical needs of the whole center. As the entrance tower required a dynamic color changing lighting scheme, Perspektiva Sveta wanted to enhance this tower with the help of powerful wall washers that could reach up to 40 meters with an even color distribution.

An array of Powershine MK2 D in RGBW color configuration has been therefore located at the base of the entrance tower in order to deliver a beautiful alternation of bright and intense shades with an intensive and eye-catching visual impact. A pre-programmed lighting scheme foresees three different periods - evening, night and morning - whereas the on and off system is programmable according to the duration of the day in the different seasons.
POWERSHINE MK2 D uses a total of 192 powerful RGBW LEDs and is available with a vast choice of optics for the maximum lighting design flexibility. Owing to its double cluster configuration, which offers full independent control of each LED bank, this wall washer allows absolute freedom to create matching or divergent effects on formerly prohibitive large-scale facades and remote spots. The combination of RGBW LEDs provides an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate color hues for an even broader range of application purposes. POWERSHINE MK2 D Polar Edition features an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass, which assures a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions.
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