Stockholm Office Building, Middelburg

Eye-catching lighting

Stockholm Office Building, a national monument located on the Poelendaelesingel in the fascinating city of Middelburg (NL), has been recently transformed into a real eye-catcher thanks to the new façade lighting implemented by LuxImprove with the help of Griven’s LED lighting fixtures.

Built between 1937 and 1948, the Stockholmgebouw had been commissioned by the Provinciale Zeeuwsche Energie Maatschappij (PZEM) and was afterwards used as headquarters by different companies. Standing out for its traditionalist style with modernist influences, the building was designed by the well-known architect A. Rothuizen, allegedly inspired by the Stockholm City Hall in Sweden.

Due to its architectural integrity and artistic representative character, the building has been classified as a national monument. Now an office renting area, part of this large structure will be soon redeveloped into a campus site, which will combine student accommodations and facilities to educational and office spaces.

Distributed on three floors, the L-shaped construction presents a central tower serving as a link between the two opposite wings of the building. Located on the east side, the former management house makes the structure particularly representative, without compromising comfort and requirements of office users.
Stockholm Office Building
Middelburg, The Netherlands
Lighting design
Jeroen Bulten, LuxImprove BV
Lighting concept, design and installation
LuxImprove BV
Fleur Kooiman

Appointed with this prestigious illumination task, the LuxImprove team approached the project using a realistic architectural 3D-design program to bring their creative ideas to life with freedom of inspiration and sheer technical expertise. "3D designs give a realistic picture of the lighting design, which perfectly adheres to the end result down to the smallest detail” asserts Jeroen Bulten, lighting designer of the LuxImprove team. The original lighting concept envisaged two different levels of illumination, which had to preserve and enhance the authentic character of the building at night through discreet and non-invasive lighting fixtures.

As the client expressed the clear wish to highlight the façade with refined spot accents avoiding the use of ground luminaires, the designer chose the versatile and unobtrusive Jupiter to allow the best transposition of the conceived lighting scheme onto the building.

A total of 33 units of Jupiter in black RAL 9005 finish were therefore carefully installed directly on the façade of the Stockholmgebouw with the help of custom brackets, so that they could go completely unseen during the day. In order to facilitate a required pre-installation, the fixing brackets were exceptionally delivered before the luminaires. 25 Jupiter B ON-OFF in 2700K color temperature with elliptical or medium optics were mounted on the walls to create accents of light following the architectural pattern. 8 units in Dynamic white version were used to enhance in different shades of white the tower and roof of the construction. The selected optics - narrow, medium and elliptical - allowed to obtain diversified lighting accents, diffused from top to bottom and vice versa, on selected areas of the façade according to the prearranged lighting scheme. The use of visors on the fixtures guarantee a perfect illumination without glaring or unnecessary lighting nuisance. The lighting system automatically switches on every day at sunset and turns off at dawn, according to the season, with the help of a digital timer.
An amazing combination of optical effects, white shades, and opposite light beam directions perfectly enhances the true essence of the building, its texturized walls, its linear style, its architectural features. The overall perception is pleasant, involving, inspiring.

Expert in comprehensive lighting solutions for architects, installers as well as end customers, LuxImprove has been a perfect project reference from the beginning to the end of the job. Their professional team took care of lighting design, product specification, programming, testing and commissioning, while the installation was carried out in cooperation with a professional partner.

Lighting designer: Jeroen Bulten, LuxImprove BV
Programming, testing, and commissioning: LuxImprove BV
Night pictures: Fleur Kooiman

Products installed:
1x Jupiter DW with medium optics Black RAL 9005
7x Jupiter DW with spot optics Black RAL 9005
6x Jupiter B ON-OFF W 2700K with spot optics Black RAL 9005
19x Jupiter B ON-OFF W 2700K with elliptical optics Black RAL 9005
1x Infrared Remote Control
21x Visor
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