Stolichniy Business Centre, Donetsk

Founded in 1869 by the English businessman John Hughes, who bought directly from the Russian Tsar the right to build the first metallurgical plant of the area, Donetsk represents now the most developed industrial city of the Ukrainian south eastern region of Donbass.
Supported by the constant growth of new multi-function business centres, the rapidly expanding market of Donetsk has nowadays become an attractive location for businessmen from all over the world. Opening soon, the Stolichniy business centre will be able to offer, within the next summer, a variety of fully furnished offices, ready-to-use conference rooms and business lounges, furthermore providing a faultless on-site professional support.
In order to enhance this imposing building and make it stand out among the various other facilities of this business district, a dedicated lighting design has already been developed on a simple briefing: to create a night time outdoor image with light. The lighting concept has therefore been focused on uniform color coverage obtained from a long throw application system, which assures dynamic, multi-combined color change effects on the whole building surface. Batteries of GRIVEN’s KOLORSTREAM MK2 successfully combined with a number of KOLORADO MK3 2500 have therefore already been installed and tested in order to allow for a gleaming inauguration day.
Developed to satisfy the growing interest of the entire architectural lighting sector, GRIVEN’s KOLORSTREAM MK2 is the perfect solution for any long throw application. Its high brightness beam has the capability to highlight buildings up to 150m high. CYM subtractive color mixing gives many spectacular color hues and the detachable ballast unit makes the projector lighter and simpler to install and transport. KOLORADO MK3 2500 offers, with its patented optical system, an extremely powerful light output, giving the ability to dress up greater areas or distances with a uniform color coverage, able to create superb effects.
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