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Located in the southern part of Warsaw's Wilanów district, the Temple of Divine Providence is a remarkable architectural achievement whose fusion of traditional and contemporary design elements makes it a truly unique and inspiring place for all who visit. The idea for this catholic church originated in the 18th century but, due to political turmoil and subsequent partitions of Poland, the project remained unrealised for many years.

Completed in 2016, the church was built on a base area of 84 m x 84 m in the shape of a Greek cross. Featuring a striking combination of concrete and vertical glass windows, this unique design consists of four equal-length arms, each equipped with a squared gate, leading to a central space crowned by a tapered dome and a cross. Standing at an impressive height of approximately 75 meters, the dome is a prominent feature that captures the attention of visitors as a symbol of spirituality. The temple also houses the Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszyński and the Pantheon of Great Poles.
Temple of Divine Providence
Warsaw, Poland
Import, distribution, and Light design
Prolight SP. Z.O.O.
Project manager
Michał Kaczmarek, Prolight SP. Z.O.O.
In December 2022, Prolight SP. Z.O.O., the lighting company partnering with Griven in Poland, successfully completed the initial phase of the external illumination project for the Temple, whereas the INTERIOR LIGHTING had been carried out in 2017 with Griven’s luminaires. This stage focused on lighting the cross, dome, and the upper cornice of the gates beneath the dome. The primary objective of the lighting design was to enhance the temple's form and imbue it with symbolic significance. When conceptualizing this project, the team at Prolight aimed to create lighting arrangements that would accentuate the temple's architectural features while also conveying its spiritual essence. To achieve this, they utilized units of Capital 300 in RGB+W 4000K configuration, renowned for their versatility in adjusting coloured light. By harnessing the fixtures’ colour capabilities, the lighting scheme could align with the liturgical hues observed in Christian traditions. In Christianity, colours hold symbolic meaning, allowing them to manifest the essence of various rituals and reflect the dynamic nature of the liturgical year. Michal Kaczmarek, the project manager with Prolight, emphasized the importance of using lighting to externalize the nature of these rituals and capture the essence of the liturgical calendar.

In June 2023, Prolight, in cooperationt with iLUMO, its brand dedicated to architectural lighting, successfully concluded the subsequent phase of the permanent external illumination project for the Temple. Building upon the prior illumination of the dome, the focus now shifted to illuminating the front portion of the façade and the main entrance. To accomplish this task, Prolight employed an array of Jupiter RGBW with narrow optics and some powerful Capital 300 in the same colour configuration, with different optical beams. By utilizing these tried-and-tested fixtures, Prolight ensured a consistent and cohesive lighting design that seamlessly integrated with the temple's existing lighting infrastructure.

The illumination of the front part of the façade and the main entrance not only enhanced the temple's visual appeal but also provided a welcoming and awe-inspiring ambiance for visitors. The expertise of Prolight, coupled with the reliable lighting fixtures from Griven, resulted in a stunning illumination scheme that further accentuated the architectural beauty and spiritual significance of the Temple of Divine Providence.

The Temple's brand-new illumination was officially launched on Sunday, June 4, 2023, coinciding with the Thanksgiving day. In a tribute to the Polish official colours, the Temple was beautifully adorned with white and red lighting. This symbolic choice paid homage to the nation's identity and cultural heritage, further enhancing the Temple's grandeur and fostering a sense of national pride.

Installed fixtures:
2x AL5014WIRNRGS CAPITAL 300 RGB+W 4000K wide optics
4x AL5016MERNRGS CAPITAL 300 MC RGB+W 4000K medium optics
6x AL5014EWRNRGS CAPITAL 300 RGB+W 4000K wide optics
2x AL5014WLRNRGS CAPITAL 300 RGB+W 4000K elliptical wide optics
6x AL5014MERNRGS CAPITAL 300 RGB+W 4000K medium optics
54x AL5345NARNRGS JUPITER MC RGB+W 4000K narrow optics

Product supply and Lighting design: Prolight SP. Z.O.O.
Project manager: Michał Kaczmarek, Prolight SP. Z.O.O.
Rendering: Krzysztof Gantner Anna Rutkowska, Prolight SP. Z.O.O.
Programming: Mateusz Oryl, Prolight SP. Z.O.O.
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