Discovering the art of light

Fuorisalone 2023 offered an exceptional opportunity to discover and explore lesser-known or usually inaccessible places in Milan through a diverse range of events, installations, and shows. One of the notable exhibitions during the Milano Design Week was "The Art of Light" by ELLE DECOR Italia, which centered around the relationship between light and space. Our luminaires were chosen by Metis Lighting to translate their ideas of light and colour into some of the rooms and in the garden of the virtually perfect home created by architect Giuliano Dell'Uva. Visiting the different rooms and spaces of this home was an inspiring journey through design, art, and light.
MIlan, Italy
Lighting design
Metis Lighting
Landscape architecture
Antonio Perazzi
Giuliano Andrea dell'Uva
Luca Cioci
The Color Experience room, with its monochrome colour-changing scheme, was a significant attraction for the numerous visitors, a "coup de théâtre" designed to captivate onlookers with the immersive power of colour. Alternating between red, blue, and green, the room showcased how these intense, vibrant hues can entirely transform the character of a space, thrilling viewers with a whirl of vibes and sensations. The PARADE L MC 1, 3 and 4 in RGBW configuration installed around the upper perimeter of the room delivered a uniform and seamless colour transition, creating a vivid contrast between the reality of white light and the magic of colour.

One of the corridors, visible from the glass window of the living room, hosted Liam Gillik's site-specific artwork "Plinth for a work by Giovanni Anselmo," property of Gallery Alfonso Artiaco. Lit up in red by some of our Capital 100 MC RGBW fixtures, the plinth is a conceptual artwork brought to life by the presence of curious onlookers. Visitors were invited to walk around this enigmatic artwork, experiencing a full immersion in a deep red light. The installation aimed to encourage reflection on the role of light, space, and colour.
The restaurant layout, temporarily set up inside the palace, was based on the creative concept of transforming an indoor area into an exterior space by imitating the mood of a garden through the use of refined materials, such as ceramics or majolicas, as well as plants and stylish furnishings typically found in outdoor areas. Units of Half Moon Spike, placed in large pots of lush plants, illuminated their foliage with soft white light effects, delivering the desired relaxed outdoor atmosphere to the restaurant.

In the courtyard of Palazzo Bovara, landscape architect Antonio Perazzi explored the theme of perception of light changing through the presence of vegetation. The green layout aimed to evoke the mood of historical gardens typical of Mediterranean culture and tradition through a rich curtain of plants and shrubs that embraced the visitor. Units of Half Moon Spike hidden among the foliage created a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, illuminating the various groups of plants that decorated the courtyard's entire perimeter. The building's walls served as a lively background that invited visitors to conviviality. Jupiter RGBW fixtures enhanced the architectural features of these walls at night in soft warm shades, while a series of Parade L1 in tunable white emphasized the vegetation surrounding the open bar area for a general charming effect.

Following the successful conclusion of Milano Design Week 2023, we are proud to share amazing pictures of our product installations at Palazzo Bovara.

Interior Design: Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva
Lighting Design: Marinella Patetta and Claudio Valent – Metis Lighting
Landscape Design: Antonio Perazzi
Exhibition Design Coordination: Marina Cinciripini
Organizational Team: Irene Arescaldino
Styling: Micol Cerani
Graphic Design: Designwork
Pictures: Luca Cioci
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