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The Blue Mosque, also known as the Central Jam-E-Mosque, is a prominent house of worship located in Grønland, a neighbourhood in central Oslo. Erected in 1995, the mosque represents the first of its kind in Norway. The external walls of the mosque are adorned with tiles from Iran and Spain, featuring traditional patterns and calligraphic inscriptions from the Quran on a blue background, defining the name of the mosque. Regrettably, the originally installed hand-painted tiles were unable to withstand the harsh Norwegian climate, leading to their replacement with weather-resistant and durable tiles specifically designed according to the previous graphic layout.
Blue Mosque
Oslo, Norway
Lighting design
SML Lighting AS
Product supply
SML Lighting AS
Lighting designer
Ole Martin Nistad, SML Lighting AS
Dag Sandven
Our partner in Norway, the company SML Lighting AS, was contacted by architect Kristin Lande Andersen from WSP Norge AS, who requested a lighting plan for illuminating the mosque's façade. The client desired uniform wall wash effects and uninterrupted lines of light that would enhance the building's architectural details and shape in an intense blue light with warm white accents, with the option to change colours to commemorate various festivities and events.

A digital visualization programme was employed to ensure the project could be carried out in line with the desired aesthetic and functional prerequisites. SML Lighting utilized realistic representations of different lighting settings to provide a clear and accurate portrayal of how the lighting would impact the Blue Mosque in reality. Initially, a digital model of the building was created, and then the specifications of the selected fixtures, including their brightness, color temperature, and aiming, were integrated into the 3D model. The obtained renderings effectively demonstrated how the lights would reflect and illuminate the façade and minarets of this beautiful mosque.
"During the process of upgrading the Blue Mosque's lighting, required by the client to complement the building's aesthetics, we carefully selected fixtures from Griven’s assortment. With its extensive experience in lighting mosques, Griven offers products that are ideally suited for such projects. To ensure a harmonious blend with the distinct features of the façade, the luminaires were specially delivered in custom finish shades that best matched the colours of the façade” asserts the lighting designer in charge of the project, Ole Martin Nistad with SML Lighting.

Selected in a bespoke turquoise blue, an array of PARADE L4, L3, and L1 fixtures in RGB+W 3000K colour configuration fitted with different optical beams, were strategically positioned directly on the façade of the mosque to match the new tiles shades. These fixtures enable a visually appealing display and help accentuate the coral blue hue of the mosque's façade with a soft, well diffused lines of light. Additionally, some units of CAPITAL 300 and JUPITER - both in RGB+W 3000K configuration and in a custom Pearl Gold finish - were installed on the balconies and atop the minarets, creating an enchanting effect that highlights the building's unique architecture. Now the Mosques shines in vibrant and dynamic colour scenes that further enhance its striking visual appeal.

Installed fixtures:
24x PARADE L3 RGB+W 3000K Narrow optics RAL 5018 Turquoise Blue with custom fixing brackets and visors
4x PARADE L4 RGB+W 3000K Spot optics RAL 5018 Turquoise Blue with custom fixing brackets and visors
12x PARADE L1 RGB+W 3000K Elliptical optics Black finish with custom fixing brackets and visors
2x CAPITAL 100 RGB+W 3000K Extra Wide optics Black finish
2x CAPITAL 300 RGB+W 3000K Extra Wide optics RAL 1036 Pearl Gold
8x JUPITER RGB+W 3000K Wide optics RAL 1036 Pearl Gold

Client: World Islamic Mission
Lighting company: SML Lighting AS
Lighting designer: Ole Martin Nistad, SML Lighting AS 
Architect: WSP Norge AS
Installer: Atlas Elektro AS
Pictures: Dag Sandven
427 Hyatt Street
Gaffney, SC 29341
Phone: (864) 487-3535