THE e18hteen, Lusail City II


The jaw-dropping lighting scheme of the THE e18hteen tower located in Lusail City, Qatar has recently been finalized in spite of the global pandemic and of all its devastating consequences which affected not only people’s health but also the international economy on a worldwide scale.

Although the lighting system installed in early 2020 was already perfectly working, a relevant detail was still missing in the picture according to the lighting design by the award-winning consultancy MBL (Mulvey & Banani Lighting). A zigzag of chasing lights running from bottom to top of the building was required to complete the impressive illumination layout of the Qatari tower.

Taking its inspiration from the reflection of a sail on the sea, the faceted geometry of the façade is now beautifully enhanced by diagonal lines of light zigzagging across the whole height of the building with an uninterrupted flow of color changing effects. 
Assets Real Estate
UrbaCon Trading & Contracting, UCC
Project manager
Jano for Lighting - Eng. Ammar Jano
Lighting designer
MBL (Mulvey & Banani Lighting)
Jano for Lighting - Eng. Ammar Jano
Allowing a uniform visual pattern layout, over 400 custom linear profiles of the PARADE GRAPHIC series, either with 20 or 40 LEDs in RGB color configuration, have been installed on the glass façade of the tower to complete the all-round choreography. Responding to the most innovative lighting design needs, this independent pixel version has been developed to create dynamic visual concepts on large-scale architectural spaces, where video animation or graphic patterns can be displayed.

Along with 2000 independent pixel Parade modules, they now create a low-resolution media façade display delivering an amazing night-time visual impact. This innovative high-tech lighting equipment with single-pixel management is capable of creating strikingly appealing dynamic effects in full compliance with the strict light pollution levels defined by the local regulations.

The project manager in charge of this outstanding installation, Mr Ammar Jano, who has followed all the steps of this huge project with his usual professionalism and 360° competence, is very proud of the final result and happy with the project completion. A well-deserved happy ending!
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