The Wharf, Washington D.C.

Once an unexciting, post-industrial area, Washington D.C.’s Southwest Waterfront has recently rediscovered its glamour after a renovation that has redesigned the District’s bank with fashion restaurants, shopping facilities and a trendy venue, The Anthem, now enhanced by a dynamic color changing lighting system by GRIVEN USA.

One of the city’s biggest redevelopment projects in decades, the Wharf, has transformed the area along the Potomac River on Maine Avenue with a new wave of independent restaurants for nearly every craving, a world-class concert venue, parks, a marina and more, becoming now one of Washington D.C.’s hottest districts. The project includes mixed-use buildings with retail, office space, residential parcels, entertainment & cultural amenities, and a series of public spaces that forge a new relationship between the city and the river.
The District Wharf comes alive at night with the centrepiece of the neighbourhood, the nation’s hottest new live music venue, The Anthem. Fitted with movable stage and backdrop, this state-of-art concert hall, dedicated to indie and alternative music, can accommodate from 2,500 to 6,000 music fans. Since its grand opening the popular venue has hosted plenty of big name bands and artists performing a plethora of musical acts, rapidly becoming a compelling and dynamic destination within a developing waterfront precinct.

Evoking the industrial character of the Potomac waterfront, the exterior design of the Anthem stays faithful to the true essence of this historic area. Four 60-foot-tall board-formed concrete pylons frame a glass cube-shaped lobby, marking the striking entry to The Anthem. Steel, end-grain wood, pigmented concrete, reclaimed brick, and metal mesh compose the material palette of outdoor and indoor structures. Fitted with an outside terrace offering a striking waterfront vista, the venue is essentially a concrete volume hedged in by two L-shaped residential structures.
Delivered in a specifically developed version fitted with the required CSA certification, an array of RUBY R in RGBW color configuration with narrow optics has been used ho highlight different surfaces and different floors of this trendy venue. Embedded in groups of six at the base of the four front square pillars, 24 units of RUBY R convey a vertical wall grazing effect to the entrance columns of the Anthem. More fixtures located on the upper balconies complete the color changing lighting scheme delivering a dynamic eye-catching appearance to the whole façade. Visible beyond the renovated waterfront, the exterior illumination of the Anthem represents a further improvement to this recently rediscovered urban attraction, a colorful focal point of the new D.C.’s Wharf.

Featuring shallow recessed depth, RUBY R RGBW allows a comfortable in-ground installation. Fitted with 20 RGBW LEDs, this compact and versatile light fitting is a highly performing LED wall washer specifically designed for exterior recessed applications. IP67 rated, RUBY R RGBW is ideal for spot lighting and wall grazing owing to the wide selection of exchangeable optics groups available, ranging from spot aperture beams to wall wash distribution. The color changer version is based on an efficient combination of strikingly powerful RGBW LEDs, that provides an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality plus a wider variety of intermediate color hues for the maximum lighting design flexibility. The 2000 Kg deadweight load capacity makes this recessed fitting suitable for ground mounting applications even in vehicular areas.
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