A triumphal lighting

The Triumphal Arch on Victory Square is one of the most iconic monuments in Moscow as well as a reminder of an important page in Russian history, the Patriotic War of 1812. Since its first construction in 1814, the arch has been rebuilt and restored many times. Its final renovation was completed in 2012 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War. The arch now shines in all its architectural splendour crowned by the chariot of the winners featuring a statue of the goddess Nike.
Triumphal Arch
Moscow, Russia
Lighting design
Brightelec Ltd.
Vladimir Golikov
At the end of 2020, as part of a general restoration project of the surrounding area, it was decided to replace the existing lighting system dating back to 2013, which was still based on discharge lamp fixtures. According to the defined lighting concept, the architectural and artistic illumination of the Triumphal Arch combines the use of two concepts: accent lighting and general floodlight.

Enhancing the decorative elements of the arch with selective accents of tunable white light was the most difficult part of the project. The front columns, the standing and sitting statues, the chariot with horses, as well as the precious friezes are all made of black marble, which reflects the light in an atypical way.

Owing to its compact size and powerful light output, CAPITAL 100 in tunable white configuration has been selected to light up the 28m high columns that surround the monument. The fixtures have been installed at the base of each column to enhance, through different optics combinations, their dark, smooth surface. Decorated with high reliefs, the high-rise level of the historic arch has been highlighted with units of RUBY XP DW fitted with elliptical optics, and mounted on the front cornice. Their backlight effect perfectly emphasizes the volume of the various decorative elements, providing a comfortable visual reading of the columns, softly highlighting the sculptures of ancient warriors.

The ultra compact luminaire MICRO-CLIP MC in dynamic white color configuration fitted with wide optics has been employed to enhance the statues of this level. The illumination of the six horses with a chariot and the winged goddess Nike crowning the arch is delivered by an array of CAPITAL 100 and RUBY XP, respectively equipped with narrow and elliptical optics. The light accents on Nike's figure are provided by JADE 9 with medium and extra wide optics.

The general flood lighting is easily delivered by the powerful CAPITAL 600 RGBW. The double bank fixtures have been installed in each of the four technical pits located on both sides of the arch. The selected narrow optics perfectly ensure uniform light coverage in spite of the distance.

Almost all the fixtures involved in the project are equipped with visors and anti-glare filters owing to the proximity of the arch to a busy transport highway and the need to comply with traffic safety standards. Moreover, the most exposed luminaires have been chosen in the Polar Edition in order to guarantee their perfect functioning, through the snow and ice melting function, even during the long, harsh Russian winters. The chassis have been ordered in RAL 7016, a dark anthracite shade that perfectly matches the granite and gray Crimean limestone the decorative elements are made of.

The selected dynamic white configuration, featuring an adjustable color temperature between 2700K and 6500K, allows to choose the best white shade in order to achieve an overall visual balance, taking into account the peculiarities of the finishing materials of the monument (granite and limestone). On festive days and special events, the lighting scenes can be varied through the use of colored light that matches the theme of the different special occasions, owing to the RGBW configuration of the Capital 600 units.

A triumphal lighting for a triumphal arch!

Installed fixtures:
CAPITAL 600 RGBW Narrow optics - POLAR EDITION - RAL 7016
CAPITAL 100 DW Elliptical optics - POLAR EDITION - RAL 7016
CAPITAL 100 DW Narrow optics - POLAR EDITION - RAL 7016
CAPITAL 100 DW Elliptical wide optics - POLAR EDITION - RAL 7016
RUBY XP DW Elliptical optics - RAL 7016
JADE 9 NW Medium optics - RAL 7016
JADE 9 NW Extra wide optics - RAL 7016
Lighting concept and design: Brightelec Ltd.
Photo: Vladimir Golikov
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