TV tower, Krasnodar

Built in 1951, the old "small" television center of Krasnodar broadcast aired its first television signal in 1955 and was finally taken over by a new "big” TV center in 1959. Nowadays the Krasnodar TV transmission center is one main branch of the Russian television and broadcasting network. To celebrate its prestige, the 197 meters high TV tower has been recently lit up in bright colors. Its newly developed lighting scheme is based on batteries of color changers and searchlights, which have been skillfully assembled on specially engineered supports and installed all around the tower basement at about 6 meters from the ground. Each battery of projectors combines high-power discharge lighting fixtures with powerful LED light sources with astounding results. Moreover, the high precision beam addressing of the selected projectors helps achieving a superb light uniformity and an even color intensity on the whole metal structure of the tower, including the antenna feeder.
Each one of the daily lighting schemes offers a mild white colored view of the TV tower, while, during the festive season, the tower metal body becomes painted with bright saturated colors, gaining an outstanding appearance. A programmable, dynamic change of color sequences creates a sophisticated game of light and reflections on the slim surface of the TV tower offering an unprecedented performance.
Product specification and installation
Svetoservis Kuban company
The optical features of KOLORJET 4000, the powerful architectural projectors fitted with Xenon 4000W lamps used in this installation, allow to automatically set the beam angle within the range of 2-13 degrees, strongly supporting even the most demanding lighting designers in their creative work. Moreover, owing to a precise variable focusing system and to a frost filter, the adjustment of the lighting output results easier than ever. Along with the installed Kolorjet 4000 units, twelve POWERSHINE D RGB units with narrow 6° optics have been chosen to complete the lighting concept of this challenging project, owing to their capability of reaching up to 90 meters.
Fitted with a double cluster 180 LEDs configuration, POWERSHINE D, offers full independent digital control of each LED array, allowing absolute freedom to create matching or divergent effects on formerly prohibitive large-scale facades and remote spots. The standard version combination of RGBW LEDs offers an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate color hues for an even broader range of application purposes. The POWERSHINE series can truly turn the newly illuminated areas into signature locations for an unparalleled standard-defining architectural lighting achievement.
Finally, in order to complete the lighting scheme, the spire of the Krasnodar TV tower (located at approximately 200 meters from ground level) has been successfully enhanced by some KOLORGLOBE MK2 7000 searchlights. Kolorglobe 7000 offers a combination of moving beam and color change that provides a truly spectacular display for any permanent or temporary event. This unit features an electronic ballast set and uses a powerful flicker-free 7000W lamp with precision electro-shaped nickel-rhodium coated reflector to give an extraordinary light output. The outstanding KOLORGLOBE MK2 7000 units have huge creative possibilities with live event use and the wide range of features included makes these units ideal for rental companies, as well as for permanent installations in large-scale concepts.
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