Vegas Kashirskoye, Moscow

As a part of a network of conceptual shopping malls that are currently being developed by Crocus Group Company, VEGAS Kashirskoye, Russia's largest shopping and entertainment complex with a total area of 480.000 square meters, opened its doors for the first time in June 2011.

Offering an unforgettable experience, VEGAS is Russia’s first themed shopping mall combined with an extreme amusement park. Each retail area within the mall has its own peculiar features and reflects mood and style of culturally and architecturally different areas: the lights of Ginza dazzle with magnificence day and night; Bazaar Street emulates the buzzing crowded streets of Middle East countries; Fashion Street and Jewelry Gallery sparkles in their elegance and first class allure. Like the famous U.S. city, VEGAS Kashirskoye boasts, beside encompassing shopping facilities, an exciting entertainment offer: manifold street attractions, shows, an amusement park, an ice arena, an observation wheel as well as a multiplex movie theater enliven the everyday life of the mall.
Lighting design
Crocus Group
DSL Ltd.
Crocus Group, DSL Ltd.
When it was inaugurated four years ago, a general flood lighting system based on metal halide projectors was chosen for the illumination of the structure. The façade of VEGAS Kashirskoye, with a total length of about 520 meters and a height ranging from 11 to 17 meters, depending on its different architectural features, was then lit up with the help of 7 KOLORADO 4000 by GRIVEN, installed at a distance of about 23 to 35 m from the façade.

In connection with the development of new technologies in the field of LED lighting, as well as a part of a comprehensive energy conservation program focused on a general reduction of operating costs, the company management decided to upgrade the existing system of outdoor architectural lighting suggesting as an alternative the use of LED lights. After severe comparison tests, aimed at evaluating the performance of the selected fixtures in terms of color changing transition, reliability and light emission, POWERSHINE MK2 S RGBW was chosen as best performer and installed with the required selection of optics to light up the façade of the Russian shopping mall.
24 POWERSHINE MK2 S in RGBW configuration have been mounted in pairs on 6 m high poles located in front of the façade at a distance varying from 17 to 26 m from each other. POWERSHINE MK2 S, using 96 powerful LEDs, offers a comprehensive selection of optics and a combination of RGBW LEDs, that provides an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality plus a wider variety of intermediate color hues, allowing the maximum lighting design flexibility.

Taking into account the requirements of the corporate brand identity, the lighting system has been programmed for the replay of synchronized or sequential color scenes based on warm shades, ranging from yellow to red tones, in order to develop different appealing and inviting scenarios. Managed by a DMX control system, the new lighting scheme, beside an astonishing visual effect, has also reached a significant reduction in consume (from 28 kW to 7.2 kW) and maintenance costs.
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