Victoria Avenue, Perth

The City of Perth is a major provider of free entertainment for the 1.6 million people in the metropolitan area and is the premier Australian destination for business, nightlife, culture and the arts. Aiming at offering always an outstanding cityscape to the entertainment-eager citizens and tourists, the capital of Western Australia has developed a true passion for lighting up in manifold, dynamic colors urban green areas, such as parks, avenues, and gardens.

Among the many projects involving this "evergreen" kind of landscape lighting, a special project has been recently developed by GRIVEN’s authorized dealer for Australia, U.L.A. Universal Lighting & Audio Pty, which, in cooperation with the company Light Application have installed over 60 units of DUNE 30 along two main avenues of Perth. 32 units of DUNE 30 were embedded in the ground surrounding the imposing trees in Victoria Avenue in order to let them shine by night in deep, vivid colors while another 32 units were installed in Mounts Bay Road following the same lighting scheme. All the fixtures are individually controlled and scheduled for various color sequences during each evening. Moreover, a special event programming is triggered automatically for Australian holidays, such as Australia Day, Earth Hour, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and many more.
City of Perth Western Australia
Projects: Tree decorative uplighting in Victoria Avenue and Mounts Bay Road, Perth, Australia
Control: DMX512 control

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Product specification and installation
Light Application – Western Australia
Light Application – Western Australia
The DUNE projector is a high quality LED color changer, specifically designed for exterior recessed applications. DUNE has recently been further improved in design and software, evolving into the brand new DUNE MK2. DUNE MK2 is now based on a combination of RGBW LEDs which offer an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality as well as a wider variety of intermediate color hues for an even broader range of application purposes. Warm and cold white color temperature versions are also available in order to meet the most demanding architectural needs. Narrow aperture spot lenses and wide elliptical distribution are part of the optional selection of optics groups available. A 2000 Kg deadweight load capacity makes the IP67 rated DUNE MK2 suitable for ground mounting applications even in vehicle areas. This versatile fixture also allows beam positioning through 10° moving capability.
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