William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane

As a part of the City of Lights project promoted by Brisbane City Council, the heritage-listed William Jolly Bridge has been further highlighted by a dynamic LED lighting system

Once called The Grey Street Bridge, this old bridge dates back to the early 30’s, when it became the proud answer of Brisbane to the "architectural rivalry” with the city of Melbourne. The Grey Street Bridge opening over the Brisbane River was a grand event on March,30 1932, just eleven days after the inauguration of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The art deco styled construction was then defined as: "a bridge of classical design over the most beautiful river in the Commonwealth” and made the city of Brisbane very proud of its architectural masterpiece. First of this kind in Australia, this vehicular and pedestrian steel frame arch bridge with an unusual concrete veneer had been erected on two piers in the river and two pylons on the opposite river banks, which supported together three elegant rainbow arches.

At the time of its conception, there was only one bridge crossing on the Brisbane River, the Victoria Bridge. It connected the Brisbane central business district and South Brisbane, but it suffered badly from traffic congestion during peak periods. The Grey Street Bridge was therefore conceived as a bypass for motor traffic between the southern and western suburbs of Brisbane to avoid increasing traffic jams on the Victoria Bridge and on CBD streets. Some really impressive old black-white pictures recall the construction phases of the bridge showing the structural and technical difficulties that had to be overcome at those times. It was called the Grey Street Bridge from its opening till July, 5 1955, death date of William Jolly, who had been Mayor of Brisbane during the bridge construction time. The William Jolly Bridge was then listed on the Queensland Heritage Register on August, 6 1996.
Lighting design
Cam Gunning, VAST - Vision and Sound Technology
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VAST - Vision and Sound Technology
As part of the Brisbane City Council’s City Of Lights initiative, Montague Road in South Brisbane, where William Jolly Bridge passes overhead, was chosen as a worthy recipient of a lighting upgrade. The Montague Road overpass namely leads into what is known as the arts precinct of Brisbane as the Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Art Gallery, the Queensland Museum and Queensland Performing Arts building are all located here. A new dynamic LED lighting system, which could enhance in bright, lively colors, and alternatively in elegant warm white tones, this cultural gateway was strongly recommended by Brisbane City Council. Unobtrusive recessed fixtures were required in order not to disturb the pedestrian zone of the bridge. Moreover, the selected fixtures needed custom length cables, ranging from 7 to 12 meters, to perfectly fit into the bridge pavement allowing a seamless electrical and DMX connection. An array of in-ground LED modular bars by GRIVEN has therefore been installed at the base of the interior part of William Jolly Bridge at Montague Road. These bars can be easily programmed to produce a warm white light, amazing rainbow effects or fading color transitions to accentuate the features of this important historic bridge.
"GRIVEN Parade S-RGBW-40 Recessed fixtures were chosen as the preferred luminaire as they provide excellent output and accurate color mixing” says Cam Gunning, lighting designer at VAST. The luminaires mount flush with the existing sidewalk and bathe the charming old world bridge arches in an elegant hue of warm white and tasteful color. "This section of Montague road leads directly to what is considered Brisbane’s cultural precinct and the addition of the GRIVEN luminaires creates a vibrant and inviting entrance to the arts center of the state” adds Gunning. Moreover he proudly says: "Kurilpa Bridge runs across from the CBD and almost ‘feeds’ into Montague Road and the newly illuminated part of William Jolly Bridge. Two major Griven projects almost adjacent to each other!” Both luminaires and programming were specified and supplied by Vision and Sound Technology - VAST, the local lighting design and supply company in charge of this project.

PARADE S-RGBW-40 RECESSED is a modular, super flux, high luminance recessed linear LED module that, featuring an IP67 weather protection along with a compact size and a light weight manageability, can be installed in-ground for use in pedestrian areas. A truly comfortable set up is guaranteed by the total absence of external power supply box requirement. Fitted with 40 LEDs grouped in clusters of 4 LEDs each, this recessed bar delivers superb output and real uniform color coverage purposely on close-up installations. The combination of RGBW LEDs featured and the photometric distribution efficiency offer an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate color hues.

Once again, the use of decorative lighting in Queensland’s capital has been capable of creating an exciting, vibrant environment simply highlighting in bright, lively colors its urban features.
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