IP67 Enclosure & Accessories

IP67 weatherproof box is an outdoor-rated enclosure with all the features required to protect electronic components from the environment. The IP67 enclosure also provides an integrated DIN rail for easy and secure mounting of compatible equipment. A metal barrier is also provided to separate high voltage and low voltage circuits and assure safe and proper operation.

Griven’s IP67 enclosure is NEMA UL 4X/6P rated, and provides ample room for a DMX-RDM repeater and power supply. Made from polycarbonate, it will not rust or corrode due to normal exposure to the environment and has a 5VA UL flammability rating. The enclosure has a hinged door for convenient access and provides attachment points for wall mount or for mounting to other types of structures.

Six cable entry locations suitable for 1/2” NPT conduit fittings. Six 1/2” NPT plugs provided. All electrical connections must be made by a qualified licensed electrician. Always disconnect power and signal before performing any electrical work on the enclosure. This enclosure is not intended for direct burial or for installation in high temperature or highly corrosive industrial environments.


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