The Griven Mono-Cable is designed for use with Griven luminaire systems using mono-cables (power and DMX wires jacketed as one cable) and Griven Mono-Cable Junctions Boxes (barrier for mixed voltages within the same box).

• 16AWG-3, 22AWG-2, 10.4mm/0.408” OD, Shielded with drain, UL Type I-A-W, 105C, 600V, Black
• Power conductors: 16 AWG 26/30 Bare Annealed Copper (Black, White, Green)
• 120 Ohm data conductors: 22 AWG 7/30 Tinned Annealed Copper (Red, Black)
• Drain conductor: 22 AWG with aluminum/polyester tape shield (Bare)
• Cable Diameter: Ø10.4mm/[ Ø 0.408”] (Black)
• E125705 3C 16 AWG (1.31mm2), 2C 22 AWG (0.325mm2) 600V SHIELDED 105C DRY 75C WET -40C SUNLIGHT RESISTANT, WATER RESISTANT VW-1 Griven USA


30 Years
of Griven

GRIVEN comprehensive catalog of outdoor and indoor LED luminaires has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the most renowned lighting designers and architects the world over.

Wherever sustainability, energy efficiency, and indisputable performance are required, Griven products for modular, wall-washing, recessed, façade, and media pixel lighting applications are always at the forefront.

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