Parade S R 20/40


PARADE S40/20 R adds color and visual interest to interior and exterior pedestrian environments with a choice of color-changing RGBW or dynamic white or simple ambience with warm or cool white LEDs. With five light distributions from which to choose, the recessed light bar provides design versatility as a wall wash luminaire or visual way marker. High power LEDs are arranged in clusters of four to optimize color mixing and uniform illumination. The high flux, high luminance recessed linear LED module features an integral driver for simplified installation. On board control system allows standalone or master-satellite configurations, as well as operation with an external DMX controller. All hardware is stainless steel.


25 Years
of Griven

GRIVEN comprehensive catalogue of outdoor, indoor and underwater LED lighting fixtures has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the most renowned lighting designers and architects the world over.

Wherever sustainability, energy efficiency and indisputable performance are required, our products for modular, wall-washing, recessed, media pixel and façade lighting applications are always at the forefront.

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