Parade X 24/48


PARADE X is a high output, high luminance light bar featuring RGBW, dynamic white, cool white, or warm white LEDs grouped in clusters of 4 LEDs each. The compact profile luminaire is available in two lengths and generates an industry leading 1100 lumens per foot in RGBW. Uniform color coverage of facades, even on close-up installations, is possible when using wall wash optics. Additional optics include medium or wide, as well as elliptical or elliptical wide distributions. The RGBW model offers unprecedented white light output quality, as well as a wide variety of intermediate color hues for a broad range of applications. The dynamic white model displays brilliant warm tones, natural hues, and cool shades across the white light chromatic scale. Laterally adjustable brackets allow the luminaire to be ground mounted, or installed in any position and orientation on building surfaces for maximum versatility. The lightweight unit features an integral power supply, eliminating the need for additional electrical hardware. Programming options include stand-alone operation, master-satellite configurations, or operation with a remote DMX512 controller. An onboard control panel offers instant access to all digital functions. All hardware is stainless steel.


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