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Jade 9


From a compact package, JADE 9 delivers vibrant colors in dynamic RGB, or a choice of cool or warm white. The high output accent luminaire is only 6.3" in diameter, yet offers a broad selection of optics ranging from narrow spot to wide elliptical distributions for design flexibility.

Jade 9 CW-WW Spec Sheet

Jade 9 RGB Spec Sheet

Jade 9 EASY


JADE 9 EASY is a simplified version of the original fixture, suitable for all static lighting applications where DMX, color changing, or dimming is not required.  The versatile compact luminaire offers five symmetric distributions from spot to extra wide beams, and two elliptical distributions in horizontal or vertical orientations.

Jade 9 EASY CW-WW-CCM Spec Sheet

Jade 16


JADE 16 combines high lumen output with a wide selection of optics within a compact 6.3" diameter luminaire that is well suited to architectural accenting and illumination of a wide variety of structures. Sixteen high power LEDs in RGBW or dynamic white are strategically arranged to deliver optimal color mixing and smooth transitions across the color spectrum.

Jade 16 CW-WW-DW Spec Sheet

Jade 16 RGBW Spec Sheet

Ruby MC


RUBY MC satisfies a wide variety of illumination needs with a selection of optics ranging from spot to wide distributions.  The luminaire features an integral power supply and on-board controls programmed by a remote infrared controller for stand-alone operation, master-satellite for multiple unit synchronization, or to interface with external DMX controllers.

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ZAPHIR delivers remarkable performance tailored to the discriminating demands of sophisticated architectural lighting. The projector features 40 RGBW, warm, cool, or dynamic white high-power LEDs combined with a comprehensive selection of optics for expanded versatility.

Zaphir CW-WW-DW Spec Sheet

Zaphir RGBW Spec Sheet

Lighting Control

With our experience in designing and deploying control systems, we’ll work with you to understand your project and create the lighting control system that will make your lighting design come to life.

Parade X 24/48


PARADE X is a high output, high luminance light bar featuring RGBW, dynamic white, cool white, or warm white LEDs grouped in clusters of 4 LEDs each. The compact profile luminaire is available in two lengths and generates an industry leading 1100 lumens per foot in RGBW.

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Ruby MC R


RUBY MC Recessed features six high power quad-chip LEDs in RGBW, dynamic white, or cool white with a choice of four symmetric distributions ranging from spot to wide beams.  Shallow installation depth makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

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EKLIPSE is a dimunitive LED "effects" luminaire designed to highlight repeating architectural elements such as windowsills or balconies on architecture of all types. 

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Wherever sustainability, energy efficiency and indisputable performance are required, our products for modular, wall-washing, recessed, media pixel and façade lighting applications are always at the forefront.

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