MARS. The game changer.

With its unquestionable aesthetic appeal, extraordinary performance, and extreme flexibility, MARS is going to shine in the current professional architectural lighting panorama becoming a true game changer.   

Available in three single chip configurations - RGBW, tunable and solid white light - MARS will superbly blend into every architectural background through its appealing design and extremely thin profile, a unique feature for such a powerful luminaire. Responding to demanding aesthetic and functional needs, this versatile medium-throw floodlight is the ideal solution for an array of medium-sized architectural and landscape lighting installations. Coming with a vast selection of high build optics groups for the maximum optical efficiency, it assures  balanced projection and photometric flexibility.

A comprehensive choice of body finishes further enriches its unrivalled versatility. In the dynamic colour changing version, the combination of prime class RGBW LEDs, featuring either 4000K natural white or 3000K warm white, delivers the widest range of warm white shades and pastel tones assortment. With an adjustable colour temperature between 2700K and 6500K, the tunable white configuration is capable of creating a stunning visual rendering of warm tones, natural hues and cool shades. Delivering an outstanding performance from an elegant, compact body, the solid white light versions, available in the standard 4000K, 3000K and 2700K colour temperatures, will further boost Griven’s increasing presence in the international and domestic white light market.

The DMX-RDM control system, along with the wireless, DALI and DALI DT8 control options (the latter available exclusively for the RGBW and DW versions) allow simple and immediate management of even very complex installation systems.

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