Mono-cable Power & DMX


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General Features

The Griven Mono-Cable is designed for use with Griven luminaire systems using mono-cables (power and DMX wires jacketed as one cable) and Griven Mono-Cable Junctions Boxes (barrier for mixed voltages within the same box).

• 16AWG-3, 22AWG-2, 10.4mm/0.408” OD, Shielded with drain, UL Type I-A-W, 105C, 600V, Black
• Power conductors: 16 AWG 26/30 Bare Annealed Copper (Black, White, Green)
• 120 Ohm data conductors: 22 AWG 7/30 Tinned Annealed Copper (Red, Black)
• Drain conductor: 22 AWG with aluminum/polyester tape shield (Bare)
• Cable Diameter: Ø10.4mm/[ Ø 0.408”] (Black)
• E125705 3C 16 AWG (1.31mm2), 2C 22 AWG (0.325mm2) 600V SHIELDED 105C DRY 75C WET -40C SUNLIGHT RESISTANT, WATER RESISTANT VW-1 Griven USA
Specify (xx) as length in feet. Order quantity as number of cables.
Example: Order quantity (1) of GRV-MC-25 for (1) piece of 25 foot cable.


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